Always busy with the question - How to deal with your supply market

  • Focused on the output and positive result.
  • Preferably keeping up the pace.
  • If a problem appears, then a practical solution will follow, to not delay the continuation of business.
  • Entering the field of action and practical measures till excisting problems are solved in a sustainable way
  • Working goal oriented and efficiently.
  • Set realistic goals and start knowing the organization well.
  • Maintains overview on what needs to be done to achieve the desired result.
  • Able to quickly re-establish structure if things threaten to derail.
  • Strives to gain insight and deepen into the content to make sure that everything is correct.
  • Critical to the accuracy of information and consider carefully for making decissions.
  • Feels in a natural way where the boundary limits of responsibility lie; What may or not and how far you can go, as a result of which these limits are not exceeded.
  • Knows how to connect the existing possibilities and knowledge of people, creating new opportunities.
  • Focused on her environment and moving flexible in order to provide both parties with a solution that serves everyone.

Specific qualities OUTPUT oriëntation:

  • work under time pressure
  • problem solving
  • working methodically
  • implementing
  • action
  • organize
  • taking decisions
  • set priorities

Specific qualities INTERNAL oriëntation:

  • analytical thinking
  • responsible for monitoring
  • accuracy
  • sense of risk
  • determining value
  • diagnose